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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ca Loc!!

Today is Ca Loc's birthday! According to Nu Sisters' lore, Ca Loc has many hidden talents, one of which is playing the drums. You'd never think that by looking at her now! So serious, with those laser eyes...

But, Big Sister Ca Loc, thank you for always being there and caring for all of us young 'uns. We can always depend on you to give us good advice and good food. Happy Birthday!


King Friday XIII said...

happy birthday!

they just keep gettin' a better-and-a-better every year don't they!

~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

Dear Ca Che,

I wish I can afford to get you at least one of the 4-wishes, that would have go well with the drum. But what can I say beside have a Happy Birthday and many more!!!! I was going to get you anothe pair of Jean but I think KU-LO-SEH-SAN should be responsible for that... ha ha.....You are very much loved. Wa Toh

Anonymous said...

Hi Ca Loc
Happy B day. A word of caution. Don't trip over your boops.
Monkey Pig.

Anonymous said...

If it is not late, it is not from the "papillon!" Another happy year to our well-feared electric-eye sister. SP & I were talking about you "running" those RXs after the war to earn commissions to help feed all those brainless hungry mouths.

Thanks & Love,

Ballet Slipper