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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Backyard Petting Zoo (Trial Edition)

Oh, Nature! We are stuck in a hotel all day, but are we deprived of our outdoor friends? No, siree. Please say warm hello to Cow Moth:

Cow Moth has stayed with us for two days now and is officially adopted. He invited two of his pals, Furry Moth and Preying "Manty" Mantis, for a nightcap.


Cl. Panic said...

I know what NN is thinking. This was in her bookmarks.

Nonny Nu said...

Where would you get 3 lbs. of moth?

Mr. Nonny Nu said...


~ ~ ~

Cl. Panic said...

Next time take a good look at the racks on the Ronco.

Mr. Nonny Nu said...


~ ~ ~

q ma said...

I wanna know the name of the hotel. ^_^

Nonny Nu said...

Here you go, Q-Ma!

Anonymous said...

Sure you are not staying @ Motel 6 back home (in VN)?

halline said...

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