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Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Spring!
by Cl. Panic, paper planter

Some time ago I was invited to attend a wedding, but was unable to do so because it occurred during the dark days. Normally I hate weddings. But let me tell you, I really wanted to go to this one. Because it would be the wedding to end all weddings. Planned over a week in the Virgin Islands, I knew that my former roommate (the bride) would not be outdone. She used to party in Hollywood and knew about all of the fancy-pants denim brands that only women, fashionable gay men, and straight men that live in Hollywood know about.

Anyway. The invitation came in a box. A box! The fact that this wedding would occur on a white sandy beach in paradise was underscored by the seashells included inside the box, and pentagonal cards listing the activities (golfing, snorkeling, etc.). Those cards, in turn, were wrapped in a thick paper that claimed to be impregnated* with seeds and encouraged the recipient to plant it.

I decided to test those claims. The paper had been sitting on my desk for nearly a year. But the other afternoon I cleaned out an old pot, tossed in some soil, added the card and gave it a liberal sprinkling. That was on May 3d.

Yesterday there was noticeable progress. The paper actually sprouted! Look at this photo from May 10:
And by this morning (May 11) there were three more shoots making their way toward the sunlight.
I can't wait to see how these turn out. I'm guessing they'll be wildflowers, but since they were sent from San Diego, you never know what may sprout!

* The bride, however, was not impregnated at the time that the invitations were sent.


Nonny Nu said...

I hope your wild flowers end up better than mine did, Cl. Panic. (OMG, it's been so long since I last posted, I had difficulty putting in that link...)

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Weddings are fun. I'm always interested in the little trinkets/favors that the happy couple choose to bestow upon their guests. I mean, if I'm spending $300 on a Vitamix 500 Variable Speed Blender for them, then I ought to get something other than a book of matches with

"Steve & Sally
October 14, 2006"

embossed on it, shouldn't I?

cl. panic. said...

Steve and Sally might argue that they spent $20k on their festivities, $40 of which went to your "vegetarian" plate of overdone squashes served atop a soggy portabello mushroom.