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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Feline Revolution
by Sushi Cat (guest blogger)

Hello, everyone!

My days of retirement have not been wasted. As you all probably know, we felines always have something cooking. Momma and Daddy have always understood that I have deeply rooted Catmunist ideals. Well, today, I have finally accomplished my first act for The Feline Revolution! Check it out, folks:

Long live Chairman Meow!

Best regards,

[edit] I have reported to Chairman Meow the following:

Most Benevolent Chairman Meow,

Your wisdom confirms what my inner kitty has been telling me all along. I am happy to report that I have accomplished my first act for the Feline Revolution. I have spread the Revolution to the human-run Netflix headquarters, located at 100 Winchester Cir., Los Gatos, California. I thought that would be the most appropriate location for my first contribution to the Revolution. The humans here are wonderfully enlightened to the superiority of the Feline. Everywhere, there are feline-friendly establishments. We are welcome here.

Yours sincerely,
Sushi Cat


Nonny Nu said...

Hello, kitty!!

(Neither Kash nor Skillet really get that joke, btw.)

I'm so proud of you, little Sushi kitty. I have always knew that there was something bottled up inside that you wanted to get out. It's nice that you now have the time and energy to advance your ideals and become a vital part of the Feline Revolution. I hope that Chairman Meow will recognize your dedication to the cause.

Love always,

Nonny Nu said...

Yay!! Sushi receives "highest honors" from Chairman Meow!

sluggy said...

what will you do when netflix subpoenas blogger to find out your identity for the vandalism charge?

Sushi Cat said...

There is no doubt in my kitty mind that a jury of my kitty peers would acquit me of any charges, especially with Chairman Meow as a character witness.

Long live Chairman Meow!