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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to ogunsgirl and Sushi!

Join me in wishing happy birthday to ogunsgirl and Sushi!

Did you know that ogunsgirl and Nonny Nu have a lot in common, other than their birthdays? A few common things are: we both previously drove green cars, we both recently had a cat who we LOVED but who became lost or passed away, and we both got two new cats when we really intended only get one! There are other common things that happen to us that would really blow your mind, but they're not really fit for public consumption. I hope that you will like this daisy-encrusted cake that I baked for you, ogunsgirl!

Next is Sushi cat! Honestly, we don't really know when the bestest kitty in the world was born, since she was a stray, but June 22 seems to be a good date. For Sushi, I have selected a lemon jelly donut. She's such a card! I had heard recently, however, that Sushi has been quite busy taking over the world. No joke, people. I believe she has started her own blog under the pen name "Chairman Meow." I have already purchased some CM stickers and will try to stick them on prominent SF landmarks. Mr. Nonny Nu and I have always known that Sushi is a pinko commie. But, she's our favorite pinko commie!! We love you Sush!


sluggy said...

happy birthday!

next hike you can get your present.

ogunsgirl said...

Nonny, you are the best! Thanks for the b day wish and even though I'm a day late- Right back at cha, babe!

ogunsgirl said...

"Chairman Meow!!!" ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Classic Nonny humor! I love it!

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Happy b-lated birthday to ogunsgirl, sushi and Nonny Nu: Sorry I'm late.

"Thanks Is Not Enough"

I'd like to tell you how I feel
With words I don't possess
So many things I'd say
But I find too hard to express
How can I show my gratitude
When "Thanks" seems meaningless?

I'd like to dazzle you with brilliance
With remarks off my cuff
I'd shower you with wit
But I think you'd call my bluff
And there's no way to explain it
When "Thanks" is not enough.

You have to be quite special
I guess I must confess
It means so much to me
That you filled some of my emptiness
How can I present these sentiments
When "Thanks" seems meaningless?

How can I communicate to you
In a message that I send
Just what you've done for me
With weak phrases I extend?
It sounds cliched and simple but
I'm glad you are my friend!

Hope you had a great birthday!!!

Nonny Nu said...

sluggy: Will the stripper be with us on the whole hike?

ogunsgirl: I got your present, girlie! Thanks so much!! I immediately cracked it open and watched it! btw, I'm not behind Chairman Meow. That's someone else, but it's totally something that Sush would do!

Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Awwww...Thank you for the wonderful poem!! You are always so clever in your poetry!

ObeyThePurebreed said...

It would appear that your "owners" have discovered your association with the benevolent Feline Revolution. Do not panic or become alarmed. They seem to be most enlightened... enjoy your lemon donut.
-C. Meow

sluggy said...

sluggy: Will the stripper be with us on the whole hike?

Someone will have to carry me when I get tired!

Sushi Cat said...

Most Enlightened Chairman Meow,

I am honored by your presence on this special day, and am exceedingly pleased that you met my momma, Nonny Nu. She chose a delicious lemon jelly donut for me. That's true love! I recently "retired" from my practice of herding humans and have dedicated myself to the benevolent Feline Revolution. To be honest, my heart has always been with the Revolution, and I advanced its ideals within my home in my own way (e.g., demands for equal volume of food, regardless of my comparatively demure body weight). But, now that my days are freer, I can spend more of my day appreciating your profound teachings!

Your comrade,
Sushi Cat

ogunsgirl said...

Glad you got it, Nonny! Check your email when you have a chance! Hope all is well and that you had a great B Day!