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Monday, November 17, 2008

OMG, VH1, really? REALLY??

If you haven't noticed already, I think that Charm School is a pretty neat program. It combines the trashiness of reality TV with self-improvement. The premise is: take a group of trashy girls from previous TV dating shows and try to teach them some manners. The thing that is different about this show compared to most other reality shows is that the winner should have improved themselves more than the other contestants. It's a show about improvement. (So is Celebrity Fit Club, which I also love.)

This season, the headmaster is Sharon Osbourne, who I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! She is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne's ex-manager, and she actually got into quite an argument with her dad when she fell in love with Ozzy and married him. Her dad naturally stopped managing Ozzy, and Sharon took the reigns. Well, the rest is history. I think of her as a very astute woman who is able to see through "women's wiles." (You know that she has handled a few groupies in her time.) So, when they announced that Sharon Osbourne would be the headmaster, I was head over heels because I thought that these girls wouldn't be able to pull anything over her eyes.

But, the most recent episode has started me wondering. There is a troublemaker on the show by the name of Lacey. She gets into others' personal space, and when they react by pushing her off of them, she accuses them of hitting her. She does this to various people, but her main target is a girl named Dallas. On Rock of Love, Dallas was kicked off the show because she pushed Lacey very hard, causing Lacey to bump her head on a kitchen counter. But, this was only because Lacey was on her like white on rice (see, e.g., photo above). Well, on the most recent episode of Charm School, Lacey pulled the same thing, except she actually splashed a drink on Dallas. Through it all, Dallas kept her cool and did not initiate any physical contact with Lacey.

Unfortunately, Lacey and Dallas were shortly after paired as a team to create a PSA. Dallas was understandably upset, after being recently assaulted and battered by Lacey. It was no wonder that she gave less than 100% to their project. At elimination, Sharon Osbourne completely disregarded all testimony (not just from Dallas) of Lacey's behavior, and instead kicked off Dallas based solely upon her failure to give 100%.

Now, the rules do not require the headmaster to eliminate a contestant based solely upon the contestant's performance on the weekly project, which seems to be what Sharon did. So, I'm now really disappointed that Sharon bought in to Lacey's BS. But, did she? Or, was Lacey kept on for ratings?

(OMG, I can't believe I just blogged about this. But, it's too late now. I wrote the whole thing already and I'm going to post it.)

So, what do you guys think?? I think I'm going to be crushed if Sharon Osbourne gets duped by this chick.


ogunsgirl said...

I haven't seen the episode yet, nonny but I have it recorded so I'll try to check it out tonight. Just been too busy for much tv watching lately so I have a ton of shows on my DVR. I'm pissed to hear that Dallas was cut this week, though because she was actually the only castmember I liked. :(


Nonny Nu said...

I really hope that Sharon is leading her on.

ogunsgirl said...

Ok, so I watched it and have since seen the next episode, as well. I'm totally pissed that Lacey is STILL on the show. I think she should have gone out this week right along with Brandi C. I really think the producers are just keeping her on for ratings sake.

What do you think of Destiny, though? I think she has really grown a lot since we first saw her on Rock of Love. I would never be able to react as calmly as she did to some little heffa spitting in my face. Now I find myself pulling for Destiny to win.

Nonny Nu said...

Quite honestly, EVERYONE on the show has grown except for Lacey. Honestly, Lacey didn't need a lesson on manners or etiquette. She knows all of that, but has chosen not to use it with certain people (read: people who she thinks are below her). When in the company of people she wants to impress, she behaves just fine. So, she never had a problem with that. What she had (and has) a problem with is her arrogance and ego. She has taken credit for having manipulated people into getting eliminated for the past 3-4 episodes now, when those people got eliminated based upon their own conscious decisions. How crazy is Lacey for thinking that? But, now, on this last episode when she basically took advantage of her own friend because he friend was drunk and had no clue what she was doing, now Lacey doesn't claim any credit for that? IMO, this is the ONLY elimination that she can actually take credit for.

Anyhow, that's one of the reasons why I think that Lacey should have been eliminated by now. The show is about self-improvement, not necessarily etiquette or manners. Lacey is the only person left who hasn't improved herself.

I like Destiney. She really has mellowed. I think that has to do a lot with her dad passing away, too. Maybe she learned not to sweat the small stuff? But, yeah, I like her. In fact, I like all the girls left, even Brandi C. I think she showed a lot of character when she voluntarily made things right with Destiney and accepted her own elimination. She didn't even cry her black mascara tears. There was no drama from her this elimination. How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

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