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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


These are my all time favorite chips. Yes, siree bob! Unfortunately, my usual local distributor (Walgreens) has stopped stocking it so I have to find another way to take care of my fix. I even checked out 7-11 but they have stopped carrying it, too!

Oh, my dear little Munchos, where have you gone?? I miss your salty, oily, crunchity goodness...

*cries to the heavens*

Anywho, in searching for a pic of Munchos, I discovered that I am not alone, and that Munchos has quite a fan following! It even has its own Wikipedia entry. Look at those Yahoo! hits! Apparently, they are from the 70's. I knew I loved that decade!! Too bad most of my life during the 70s was spent in Vietnam and a refugee camp in Malaysia where they didn't have Munchos. And, the part that was spent in the US was during a time when chips were a luxury. I remember 3-fish picking me up from school when I was small and walking home with me. She'd buy me a small bag of chips (not Munchos--I didn't discover Munchos until 1995) and I'd have to suck on the chips instead of bite on them (to make them last longer). Oh! Wah Toh used to drive me to school when I was younger in the morning and she'd buy me a single McDonalds hashbrown and I'd nibble on it slowly. Fun times!!

Okay, back to Munchos. So, I didn't have the pleasure of personally meeting Munchos until 1995. I remember the day. I was driving from Cal-Poly, Pomona to North Hollywood to see Mr. Nonny Nu (this was before we got married). It was quite a long drive, nearly 40 miles, so I decided to stop at an Arco AmPm foodmart to get something to chomp on while I drove. I had seen that shiny, orange bag before, but I never bought it because, well, it looked not appetizing. But, I thought I'd just give it a try. So, I bought a bag of Munchos and a bag of BBQ Ruffles as back up. When I wrapped around my lips around that first Muncho, OMG, it was pure food ecstasy. I could feel the salt and oil seeping into my blood stream. Yes, it's that salty and oily. I've been hooked ever since. Did I also eat the Ruffles? Yes, I did, but that's beside the point.

OMG, those bastards at Frito-Lay... I just looked up Munchos on their site and the nearest place that carries them is 42 miles away. Grrrrrrrr...

Hang on. I have to mourn for a moment.

...Hold, please...

Okay. It's okay. I might be able to get them on Amazon!! And, yes, I'm getting the box of 64.


cl. panic said...

I have never had a Muncho.

Nonny Nu said...

This is sad. It appears that our beloved Munchos has been systematically persecuted and herded into certain states and out of others.

Nonny Nu said...

That's it. I'm calling Frito-Lay.

cl. panic said...

Um, Amazon doesn't have them in stock either.

Nonny Nu said...

I know, but I am on their list to be notified when they become in stock. I have been thinking about asking Coach Nelson if she happens to wander up to where Munchos is available. She's kinda in that area.

sluggy said...

okay, suffering serious blog post withdrawal. did amazon restock munchos? have you gorged on them already? will you at least post about your xmas feast?

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