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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My New Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Mr. Nonny Nu will hate me for this because he hates cherries, but I love cherries and my favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin-Robbins' Cherries Jubilee. Coach Nelson and I went to get some dumplings for lunch today and, as is our custom, we visit the local BR for dessert. I'm not much for chocolate and definitely not for white chocolate, but I love me some fruit. In the past, I have stuck with the sherbets. The last time I went, I got the Very Berry Strawberry. But, this time, I wanted something different. I had always shied away from the Cherries Jubilee because of the hint of rum (as you all know, I don't do alkeehall because I'm allergic), but I went for it today. It was great! Chock full of plump cherries! Mild cherry flavor in the ice cream itself. Loved it. I'm gonna order that again next time.


WGA said...

alcoholic ice cream stuffed with cherries.

let's see, i'll have the double vodka swirl with amphetamine sprinkle split.

~ ~ ~

Coach Nelson said...

All I am going to say is that I was thankful I was driving when NN let out one of her infamous "OOOHHH, this is SOOO good!" (You know what I am talking about -- her eyes get as big a saucers, the excitment tone in her voice makes you flinch because it scares you half to death and she usually contortes her body in such a way that you think she is having a seizure)

Nonny Nu said...

That's sincerity. I have always been a sincere person. Especially when I tell you that you look nice in that outfit. I really mean it.

Coach Nelson said...

I have to say that sincerity is a great quality. I was striving to be just like you, NN, when I would say "you did a good job on that run."

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