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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should I be concerned?

Last year, my office mate and dear friend, Stubbie, passed away. But, Stubbie has left us only in spirit to go to the Pearly Gates, for he is still with us in body.

Lately, as I was sweeping Stubbie's crypt, I noticed some yellowish/moldy goo peaking out from the soil. This was a month ago. So, I thought I needed to change out the soil, which also meant ditching Stubbie. That I really didn't want to do. When I dug into the soil, I only saw yellow goo on the upper levels, so I thought I could fix the situation by replacing the upper level of the soil without having to remove Stubbie's body. That was two weeks ago.

Well, yesterday, I came into the office and found a bright yellow form emerging from the soil. It looked like a mushroom to me, but I couldn't be sure. So, I consulted Cl. Panic who found the situation interesting. Today, you can definitely tell that it's a shroom.

So, should I be concerned? For those of you who are "familiar with shrooms," is this thing going to start spewing toxic spores? If so, when? Because I want to keep it around for a couple more days just to see what it does.



Anonymous said...

Well if you ask our dear niece who was very traumatized by the Sshhhroom, she would definetely tell you dump the whole thing unless you want to be with Dear Stubbie. I was going to suggest that you leave it to multiply and we can have a WONG KU BAO YUI feast. Honestly, I cannot tell you anything about mushroom except for I was told that the brighter the color, the more toxic it is. Have you been feeling nausea the last couple of days???.....

Wah Toh

Prince Tuesday said...

mycologists continually warn of fungi associated danger, especially to the lay people whom so often innocently mistake 'good' mushrooms for 'bad.' there is only one way to settle this: you must eat it.

my advice is to steep the mushroom in a small cup of hot water, then consume. it's the only way to properly determine just how stubbie felt about you. who knows, perhaps stubbie wants you to come 'swimming' with him for a few hours.

take notes and let us know how it turns out.

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

Just got this from Mr. Nonny Nu.

"These fungi are saprobic (feed on dead, decaying organics) and are not a threat to you or your children unless they are eaten.
I have always kept the fungi as part of the 'landscape' of the pot, and they certainly are conversation pieces when I have guests."

I'm totally keeping the shrooms!!

Nonny Nu said...


Translation: Yellow Mushroom Abalone

cl. panic said...

Here's another answer. I was delayed by the fascinating information available on

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, the "Flower Pot Parasol.

Nonny Nu said...

"Since it makes such a beautiful addition to your household flora, I recommend learning to love it--and teaching your children to love it, too."

I will teach Mr. Nonny Nu to love it.

Anonymous said...

I thought of sending you some wise word of caution.... however, my brain had been fried since 3 hours ago. Therefore, for safety sake (yours and mine), I think you may keep the shroom as long as you don't have any intimate contact with it and it is time for a visit to your local pet store for Stubbie II. Being from the same family as Stubbie ... I appreciate your profound expression of love and memory for FISH. Alas,it is now time to move on.

The other Fish

Anonymous said...

I think you should distroy the whole plant, b/c it could be in the air. especially when you are in a close office like that the air cond. will circulate and sending the poison air to others. And you don't know someone will be allergic to it. Think of others.

Willy Wonka said...

Clearly this shows a dissatisfaction by Stubby in the Empyrean and a resulting effort to return to terra firma. By the color and appearance of the growth it shows that this portion of the manifestation is choleric and phlegmatic. The remaining missing humours thus means that Stubbies melancholia and sanguinicity will be left roaming the hallways.

Anonymous said...

carefully remove the mushroom and some dirt around it, and we will replant it in the woods on our next hike. wear protective gloves!

Anonymous said...

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