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Saturday, November 17, 2007

by Sushi Cat (four-legged guest blogger)

Well, I've been jumping around in my new duds for about a month now, so I figure that it's about time that I give an update on what I did with my old rags after that fateful, sunny day. I got them cryogenically frozen at the local kitty hospital, and then transported to a semi-permanent refrigeration unit that mom had reserved for me in Monterey called Monterey Bay Memorial Park (it's exclusively for pets). It was a very animal friendly place!

Then, a couple weeks ago (on Nov. 3), while Grandpa was visiting, he drove mom to Monterey Bay Pet. They arrived around noon for the scheduled funeral pyre of my old coat. The manager had thawed out my old coat and showed it to mom and Grandpa. Grandpa hadn't seen me in a long time, but he finally got a chance to say goodbye that day. We had a lot of good times together. Mom was her silly self, of course, tears and all (no singing this time, thank goodness). After the eulogy was done, the manager put my coat in this big pizza oven and set it on high for 60 minutes.

In the meantime, I showed Grandpa and mom around the place that kept my coat on ice for two weeks. First, I introduced them to the founder of the place. There were a lot of old coats laying around, ranging from big and tall to petite. Then, I showed them the petting zoo! Of course, there were quail and geese, but my favorite were the rabbit and...what's that? Yep, that's a rooster. Here's mom trying to get him to dance for her:
Well, before we knew it, my coat was revamped, pressed, and ready to go. Grandpa and mom brought it home and set it in my favorite place (this is where I usually sat to wait for mom to come home each night). But, now, it's in a drawer next to mom's side of the bed so that when I come home to sleep at night, it's right there waiting for me.

Oh, gotta run--I have a dinner date with Mr. Jones!

(MAYO status, here I come!)


Nonny Nu said...

Monterey Bay was such a nice and peaceful place. They really took good care of you. The only thing missing was your little pink nose, Sush!

Cotton Doggie said...

That little Hoops dominates the basketball courts in Pet Paradise, btw. I've seen him in action. V. impressive.