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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitty Korner (11/27)

Well, it's settled. We'll have to move. You wouldn't think that, between the two of these kitties, the smaller, plainer girl kitten would be the ring leader, but that is how things have turned out. Skillet, though she possesses the innocent, I'm-just-a-little-girl expression, is constantly up to no good. We live in a two story house, and the balcony overlooks the stairwell. The balcony is really just a waist-high wall. Mr. Nonny Nu has long been worried that Skillet would jump onto and over the wall and plummet to her death in the stairwell. I, being the optimistic fool that I am, didn't think she would do it.

Lo and behold, she was found sitting on the waist-high wall this weekend. She was immediately yelled at, and appeared to regret her poor choice of sunning area, but this evening, I found her sitting in the same place again. Of course, I yelled at her, but I fully expect to see her there in the near future. We have placed pillows on the ground where we project she might land, if she were to jump over the waist-high wall. But, of course, she could just land onto the hard floor below.

Kash, on the other hand, is a complete sweetheart. Of course, he has gotten into his share of trouble, but he isn't as naughty as she is. Recently, he pulled down our "Christmas tree." It's not a real Christmas tree. A few years ago, we moved into this house around Christmas time, and since we were so busy moving in, we didn't have any time to get a real Christmas tree and ornaments. So, we started a tradition of using the silk tree as a Christmas tree, and then buying only one ornament each year from Walgreens. The first year was a glass house-like ornament. The second year was a John Deere tractor (Coach Nelson and Stubbie's Godmother knows all about my obsession with those). The third year was a Sushi look-alike. Well, when Kash pulled down the Christmas tree a few days ago, he broke the first year's glass house-like ornament. GAH! But, he's still my little boy. He's so sweet! Here he is trying to find his way in the restaurant business (that's a McDonald's bag):
Pic 1
Pic 2

But these two are worrisome. Kash has a (possible) chlamydia infection in his eyes and has to have eye ointment put right into his eyes three times a day. And, both he and Skillet have ringworm (a fungal skin infection), so they have to their ringworm spots cleaned twice a day. They aren't too bad, just irritated areas. But still, you know? I feel like I broke my toys.

Anyhow, I know this next thing should belong in the backyard petting zoo section, but here's a better photo of our pet raccoon:


Stillman said...

Maybe you should hold up a frying pan and look menacingly at Skillet... she'll get the gist.

That raccoon is thinking longingly "I want to come in and sit on your waist-high wall"

Mr. Nonny Nu said...


my daily waking stumble down the hall caught skillet yet again in the naughty place. she looked at me (head down, tail in the air) playfully daring me to chase her away. i cried out that she get down, then turned back around to go splash some toilet water on my face. guess who was back on the ledge when i returned a few moments later! (hint: it wasn't kash.)

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

OMG!!! I knew it!! She is such a naughty girl!!! I just don't know what to do with her. I am going to have to film those two eating dinner. Kash is a gentleman and eats until he is full. Skillet, on the other hand, eats until there's no more food left. I shouldn't begrudge her that, since I operate under the same principle, but she is really making a pig of herself.

[wonders to self]Hm. Is that what I look like when I eat?[/wonders to self]

Now, did you guys know that Stillman is a wise and intelligent being who is able to read people very well? I bet you didn't know that, but she taught me everything I know about the practice of law. Now, we see emerging a new skill--the reading of animals: "That raccoon is thinking longingly 'I want to come in and sit on your waist-high wall.'" What an astute observation.

I was going to write an entry about this, but didn't quite know how to broach the subject. Slim and Skitty have felt a bit resentful, betrayed, and left out after we got the Nu Kitties. They saw that Sushi was no longer in the house, and must have wondered why we didn't invite them to live with us. Skitty, being Skitty, wouldn't have accepted the invitation, but Slim would have in a heartbeat. While we have continued to set out food for our Backyard Petting zoo, we haven't been letting Slim in since we got the Nu Kitties because, well, they're so small and the flea potential is just too great with an outdoor cat. Anyhow, they have been having trouble getting used to the Nu Kitties. The Nu Kitties love them, though. We'll have to see what develops.

Now, about Skillet. She's a jumper while Kash is a climber, so I don't think he'll climb onto the naughty place. But, she's going to keep doing that no matter what. I wonder if it's okay for her to do that. I mean, she's done it several times now and she seems to know what's up there. I just don't know!!

DAYUM, that was a long comment.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Skillet sounds a lot like you NN - she doesn't no when to stop even when scolded.

I wonder if there is some spray that you can put on your inviting half-wall to make it less inviting?

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

"Skillet sounds a lot like you NN - she doesn't no when to stop even when scolded."

and the choir sang: o/` aahhh-mehhhn o/`

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

Dear Mr. Nonny Nu and Man from U.N.C.L.E.,


Yours truly,