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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yum! Part Trois
by Willy Wonka (tired guest blogger)

Busy little worker bees today, 10 hours of baking and making of cakes…it was almost like being at Nu, Nu & Nu LLP. Except at the law firm we don’t get to eat our memos. [Speak for yourself. -Nonny Nu, Chief Editor] Today was pulling together all the cakes we’d been working on previously in the week. So I now have three cakes sitting in the refrigerator, waiting for a good home. Today was the day to learn how to assemble the cakes…and apparently getting your cake level and split evenly is a big, big, big deal. Apparently, I am not good at this. (An interesting note, our instructor told us that when he was being trained they had to be able to split a cake, fill it, ice it, and decorate it in under 7 minutes or they failed).

So…the pictured cakes are: a raspberry/lemon curd genoise cake with whipped cream icing,

a variation on a black forest cake (chocolate chiffon cake with cherry mousse icing),

and a chocolate hazelnut cake with praline buttercream frosting and a layer of japanoise (see day two).

I guess that is about it, probably much more to say but I’m tired. [So, what's new? -Nonny Nu]

Oh…and for those who were wondering about the day three update*, in brief I learned the two axioms of making puff pastry:

1) With the proper equipment it is possible to make puff pastry at home.

2) No one has the proper equipment.

*Note from Editor: This is the day that Willy Wonka didn't blog.


Nonny Nu said...

Ha! Can't even split a cake evenly...*snort*

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

chocolate hazelnut with praline buttercream? just give me a fork.

~ ~ ~