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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diving Boston Harbor (pt. 1)
Cl. Panic, frigid guest blogger

On my latest outing to Boston (in December), I decided that it had been far too long since by last dive. That, and NN has been pestering me about not posting any pictures of fish. I really didn;t believe that Boston Harbor had much in terms of marine life (aside from concrete-shoed former mafiosos and the occasional scrod). Low and behold, I was wrong!

One of my first sightings was the curious cuttlefish, a squid relative. These little bastards are weird and move like space ships--and they aren't even fish. They're mollusks. Really smart mollusks. In fact, they have highly developed eyes that are able to sense the polarization of light, and chromatophores that allow communication and disguise. Like some of the partners at NN&N, LLP, their blood runs blue-green instead of red. No, they don't run on money. Unlike humans, they rely on copper (rather than iron) to carry oxygen. Since a picture doesn't do these guys justice, peep your eyes on the video as well. Of course, they have ink. And for you trivia lovers out there (Shakespeare Teacher?), cuttlefish are the natural sources of sepia dye (hence they belong to the Order Sepiida).

I also paid a visit to Mr. Stonefish. I was careful because he has poisonous spines and dead, dead eyes. Not only do these guys have some of the most toxic venom of any fish, they can survive outside of water for over 20 hours. Think about that the next time you order okoze sashimi!

And while I'm on the topic of spines, I came across a friendly little urchin. He was so friendly that he let me look under his tail (how'd you think I knew he was a he?) And no, that's not his anus; it's actually his mouth (his ass is on the other side, which gets confusing). A third grader informed me that an urchin's mouth is also called "Aristotle's lantern." An urchin can move its spines and locomote using little sucker feet and its spines. Oh, and they have no eyes. My sushi fans out there know that uni (or roe) comes from sea urchin gonads.

Stay tuned for part 2... featuring blue lobster, an enemies a shy fish and penguins!


Nonny Nu said...

An urchin can move its spines and locomote using little sucker feet and its spines.
OMG, that sounds just like you!

That video is not working for me. All I see is black. Is that what a cuttle fish looks like in motion? It sucks all the light from its surroundings? Oh, btw, there's a bubble tea place down the street from NN&N, LLP, that serves fried cuttlefish balls ("balls" referring to the shape of the mashed cuttlefish flesh--not often that I have to clarify when I say that). VERY VERY GOOD. I recommend it.

Not to pry, but what does this have to do with hiking or Professor Know-It-All?

Cl. Panic said...

The video works fine for me, NN, even behind the evil firewalls that you've had your IT people put in place at the firm.

I consider tagging to be an artistic license type of thing.

Nonny Nu said...

I am so getting you back for dinner.

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