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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kitty Korner (Houston, we have a problem.)

Skillet is out of control. I think she is either going through her terrible twos or she's going through her terrible teens. I don't know. She was born on August 4 so, in cat years, she's past her twos, but not quite to her teens, so I don't know what's going on with her. As you all know, Skillet has been going to all sorts of places where she's not supposed to go (e.g., the naughty place). Now, her new thing is to run out the door. Several times now as I was either coming home or going out, she'd sneak past me. She zooms out the door and hides in the bushes where Sushi used to love to hide. She doesn't run any farther than that, though. It's weird. She's doing a lot of stuff that Sushi used to do, like sit in the exact window sills where Sushi used to sit. The times that Skillet runs out the door, we've had to spank her, a couple of times pretty good by Mr. Nonny Nu. She's learning, but you can tell she still wants to go outside.

Now, the thing is, Kash is a pretty good boy except when he's around her. She goads him into doing things. And, although he's older, he seems to follow her lead sometimes. Mr. Nonny Nu informed me that Kash was seen sipping some vanilla milk shake through a straw. Yeah, you read that right. THROUGH A STRAW!! That guy kills me sometimes. He has never been one to jump high, not like Skillet. Kash has been a climber (he snuck into our weight room and climbed to the top of the Yellow Octopus several times, and then cried because he didn't know how to get down)--UNTIL NOW. Just yesterday, I saw Kash jump onto the kitchen counter. Before then, he had never done that (seemed too tall for him). Now, I'm worried that he's going to jump onto the naughty place, and since he's not as cautious in his jumps as Skillet is, I'm worried that he might jump right over the half wall.

But, here's the real problem. Kash has been throwing up for the past week. I don't know what is the cause of it. After he throws up, he seems to feel so much better. We have to put him on a baby food diet for the next four days and feed him Petromalt (lubes up his intestines so he can poop out whatever it is that is not supposed to be in his stomach). Poor guy. He is the sweetest little kitty. Very shy, very gentlemanly. He guards me when I shower the way Sushi used to, except he sits outside the bathroom door. Now, he has taken to sleeping in between us, right up against me, and under the covers! Isn't that a hoot?? I love him.

Anyhow, it's almost Christmas, so I went to Walgreens to get an ornament for our one-ornament-per-year tradition. Since Kash broke the ornament from the first year, I figure we should get two this year. Here's the one representing Kash and the other representing Skillet. (The color and personalities of the ornaments match the kitties.) Here are ones from before representing Sushi and a John Deere tractor (don't know why, but I always wanted one of these because the colors are so pretty).

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