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Monday, January 5, 2009

Chinese Idiom of the Day V

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Chinese New Year is January 26. In honor of the occasion, I will be posting a Chinese idiom each day until CNY in the scrolling marquee at the top of the blog. I've done the first one (畫蛇添足) and provided the literal translation (Draw snake, add legs.). I have also provided the meaning (You are being unnecessarily extravagant and spoiling the whole thing in the process.).

Now, it's your turn--guess its meaning! (Good luck to the non-Cantonese speakers out there, mwahahahahahahahaa!!!)

P.S. There will be a "click me" link in the marquee that will bring you to this blog entry.

Sample: 畫蛇添足 (Draw snake, add legs.)
Meaning: You are being unnecessarily extravagant and spoiling the whole thing in the process. (credit: Nonny Nu)

Jan. 5: 得鹹魚, 抵得 (Eat the salted fish, stand the thirst.)
Meaning: You've made your bed, now lie in it. (credit: Freelance Midget)

Jan. 5: 你, 死 (Wait for you? Even a snake will die.)
Meaning: ...take a long time... (credit: Mr. Nonny Nu)

Jan. 5:
鹽多過你 (I eat salt more than you eat rice.)
I have more experience than you. Or sadly, I am older than you. (credit: Q-Ma)

Jan 6: 袋 (Put money into your pocket.)
Meaning: Give someone advice or tip. (credit: Cl. Panic)

Jan 12:
(Cross bridge, pick up and retain board)
Hint: This refers to a bridge that consists of a single board.
Meaning: To abandon or screw over someone. (credit: Q-Ma)

Jan. 15:
(Execute first, and then notify the king.)
Meaning: _____


Freelance Midget said...

Translation American Idiom: You've made your bed, now lie in it.

Nonny Nu said...

Very good! That was a close one, though. I was considering bringing in Wah Toh to judge your answer. But, since you are my favorite niece (don't tell your sister), I'll give it to you.

Hu Flung Pu said...

hm, does it mean something like if you're going to eat, say, the salted fish, then you shouldn't complain about getting thirsty, because you should know that salt makes you thirsty?

~ ~ ~

"Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house." -Confucius

Nonny Nu said...

The next one is for you, Mr. Nonny Nu.

Hu Flung Pu said...

i take a long time getting ready?

~ ~ ~

"Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok." -Mao Tse Tung

Nonny Nu said...

Something like that! Close enough. It means that you're slow, like when you provided the correct answer to the previous idiom right after Midge gave the right answer.

Q-Ma said...


I have more experience than you. Or sadly, I am older than you.

Anonymous said...

The true meaning of "我食鹽多過你食米".... DO AS I SAY, DON'T ARGUE.
This is actually for Freelance Midget. You've live with the "T" family for over 2 decades and you should know better. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

The above was by Wah Toh

Anonymous said...

The above was by Wah Toh

Nonny Nu said...

Nicely done, Q-Ma! Welcome to TWoNN! Due to your return visit, you are now on the Hall of Fame. I hope to see you around her often. And, thanks for the well wishes yesterday.

The next four idioms have been suggested by Wah Toh. Enjoy!

Cl. Panic said...

塞錢入你袋 (Put money in your pocket)

Something provides you with benefits?

Nonny Nu said...

Okay, that's pretty darned close for a gwai lo so I will give it to you. Plus, it has almost been week since it was posted. It means "to provide a tip or advice."

Q-Ma said...

過橋抽板 (Cross bridge, pick up and retain board)

This is a tough one. I consulted the oracle, and it was too selfish to give me answer.

Nonny Nu said...

Hey, Q-Ma! So the hint is really helpful. If a bridge consists of a single board, and after you cross it and you take the board with you, what happens to others who also want to cross the river?

Q-Ma said...

"What happens to others who also want to cross the river?"

A) They jump and swim. hahah...
B) They say bye to me and are glad to see me go.
C) They go home and have some ice cream.
D) they are abandoned.

Hmmm.hmmm.hmmm. D?

Nonny Nu said...

Ding ding ding!!!


Man From U.N.C.L.E. said...


Meaning: Act without regard to consequences.

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