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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cry's Electronics

Has anyone heard of Fry's Electronics (I call it Cry's)? They used to have super lame commercials that were extremely low-tech and featured a smiley-faced yellow computer chip. Boy, did I hate those commercials. Cry's is a chain of stores that supposedly specializes in electronics but also offers magazines, assorted candies, maps, home appliances, and other non-electronics. Each Cry's is themed. The one in Woodland Hills, California, has an Alice in Wonderland theme. The one in Palo Alto has a Western theme. The one in Campbell has an Egyptian theme. Yes, what you see here is an Egyptian shrine/temple:Now, everytime I am about to go to Cry's, I have a melt down. I literally have to mentally ready myself for my visit. I don't know if others feel this way about Cry's, but it creeps me out. In an age of personalized service, Cry's is the only place that attempts to make everyone feel like a number. They have only recently upgraded their floor staff to English-speaking ones. But, the kicker is their receipt inspection policy. They herd you through a line of cash registers, and then when you get to the door, they insist on checking your bag to match up your items to your receipt. Look!

Well, this girl is not having it anymore. I am sick and tired of people rummaging through my stuff. I mean, I paid for it already so it's mine. These guys should just eat their shop-lifting losses like every other mega-store. It's not like they have better prices than, say, Circuit City, so who the hell do they think they are to check my private property? So, nowadays, I don't let them check my bag anymore. That has been my practice for the past 5 visits (about 2 years now). The secret is to have a hard look in your eyes as you are exiting and no eye contact. If you are with someone, don't chit chat with them. Make sure all of you guys look like anyone who dares approach you will be mowed down. Most of the receipt inspectors will avoid you because they aren't really that thick-skinned (especially the women). But, if you are approached by a thick-skinned male inspector who has the audacity to say, "I need to check your bag," your response should be, "No, this is my property," and then continue walking out. That's what I do. In fact, that's what I did yesterday when I bought Medal of Honor: Airborne. Yeppers.


stillman said...

damn, you are bad ass!

sweetsieweatsie said...

I don't think we have Cry's around here, but my local Best Buy is now just starting to check bags. I have seen it happen to many people, but it has yet to happen to me. My secret is very similar to your secret. The hard look with no eye contact. I have even had the alarm go off in the store, and was told to "go right ahead". Man, I should have stolen something when I had the chance!! Hehe...

sweetsieweatsie said...

P.S. Is it legal for them to check bags since it is your property after you paid for it?

Nonny Nu said...

Is it legal for them to check bags since it is your property after you paid for it?
I'm not sure, but I know that my bear will bust me out of jail. Yep.

In all seriousness, though, I don't see what gives a store the right to check your personal property. If they suspect you of shoplifting, they can detain you. But, to force their way into your bag to rummage through stuff you just paid for? Why would they have a right to do that? This is different in stores where you signed a contract to be a member, though, because the contract might say that you agree to let your bags be searched before leaving the premises.

Check this out (re Circuit City) and check this out.

Nonny Nu said...

sweetsieweatsie: Here's a Best Buy incident. But, here's an anti-BB website.

sweetsieweatsie said...

Nonny: Thanks! This one is my favorite:

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 00:00:44 -0800
From: David Huang
To: Aaron Hopkins
Subject: Best Buy


Thanks for sharing your story of Best Buy door nazis. I was also a victim
of this today, the Best Buy security refuse to let me leave the store unless
I showed him my receipt and PHYSICALLY BLOCKED ME FROM LEAVING. Told him I
did not have to present a receipt and asked for a manager... showed the
manager my police ID... and told him that the next time anyone does that,
they'll be in handcuffs for violation of California Penal Code section 236,
False Imprisonment. I recommend all your readers do the same. They have no
legal right to force you to show a receipt.

In retrospect, I should of called the police and said that I was being held
against my will... and that I wanted the security guard to be arrested.

I smell a class action soon....