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Friday, September 21, 2007

Write Your Own Rider!!


Wouldn't it be nice if we here at TWoNN were all rich and famous? You know, when these celebrities go anywhere (like hotels, movie sets, McDonalds, Social Security office), they get to tell the proprietors of their destination what they want to have available to them once they get there. That is so awesome!! Just for kicks, I'm going to write my own rider, and I invite you all to come up with your own, too!! No request is too outrageous!

Okay, here's mine:

NO ARTICHOKES--not sure whose idea it was to use this as a foodstuff, but they, in addition to long-haired men--should be stoned.
Pepsi (the regular kind--none of this diet, caffeine-free Imposter frangrance crap) (cold)
Dasani water (cold)
Clementine oranges (any temperature)
Pringles (jalapeno, sour cream & onion)
Veggies with ranch dressing (carrots must be included, cold)
Celery with peanut butter (cold celery, room temperature PB)
Soup (hot, no chunkless soups please)
Stir-fried Chinese spinach with chilis and fermented tofu sauce (hot)
Chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce (hot)
Roti prata with curry sauce (hot)
Attorney (Tom Hagen or equivalent)
Gems (lime, orange, and lemon flavors)
XBox (Splinter Cell series, Medal of Honor--Frontline) (the Airborne one was too hard for me and I still have to figure it out)
Mr. Nonny Nu (this list is in no particular order)
Sushi (warm)
My sisters (no kids allowed--sorry, Midge)

You know what? As I was making this list, I really couldn't think of anything that I really really wanted with me, except for the last three items. I thought about something like 24-hour maid, or something like that, but it just doesn't feel right, you know? Okay, I'll keep revising this list to get it into shape.


Freelance Midget said...

fine...i wouldn't want to be in your weirdo TWoNN-demanded environment anyway :P

Nonny Nu said...

The kids can stay in a separate suite, but the sisters get to stay with me! Just make sure you guys don't bug us and you're going to have to get your own food and water.

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