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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hi, everyone!
by Sushi Cat (guest blogger)

Dear TWoNN Friends,

Hello, everyone! Sushi here. Some of you may know that my mom has been looking for a doctor for me. I haven't been feeling like myself recently. A couple of months ago, I got sick. I don't know what happened, but I just didn't feel right. I couldn't eat much and I wasn't really drinking much water. I just hid in the linen closet and slept all day for a week. Then, I felt better and I thought everything was over.

But, then, I just had an insatiable urge to lick my fur. I kept licking and licking my coat until I got some bald patches on me. And, I started to lose a lot of weight, even though I ate everything in sight. Mom and dad were worried. But, they knew I didn't like to go to the doctor's office. See, I'm a real homebody and I don't really like to go anywhere. I just get mischievous sometimes and run outside when nobody's looking, but I don't really want to go anywhere. I just want my mom and dad to come looking for me! So, they got me a doctor who made housecalls.

The doctor came to look at me and tried to get some blood samples, but my little kitty veins just wouldn't cooperate. I even got nicked a little when the doctor shaved my arm. She glued me back together, though. Well, there was just enough to determine that I have hyperthyroidism and am at the very very beginning stages of kidney failure.

I know, the three of us were a bit worried while we were waiting for the results. But, you know what? I'm 16 years old. So, I'm about 75 years old in cat years. So, it's about right. I'm glad that I got checked out by my doctor. Now, I have to take medicine twice a day for my hyperthyroidism. It's delivered via a needle-less syringe into my mouth. In the morning, I get fish flavored medicine and, at night, I get liver flavored medicine. Dad is good at giving me the medicine, but mom is still learning. She just doesn't have the timing down yet, but she's improving. This is a good turn of events! I'm going to start feeling like my old self again. In fact, here I am in my guitar room (dad doesn't know I strum on these while he's in the shower), and here I am playing with mom's camera leash!

Okay, I'm going to take a little cat nap.

Later skaters!

The Sush


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Dear Sushi,

Keep taking your medicine. I hope you get well soon.

Sushi Cat said...

Hi, Man from U.N.C.L.E.!

Thanks for the well wishes. I think I'm starting to feel better already!

sweetsieweatsie said...

Sushi you're so fierce! Have you gave any thought to modeling?