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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Microwaveable Pork Rinds!!!

OMG, can you guys believe these things exist??? Here's the site. I just now heard about this on "Unwrapped." Why didn't anyone tell me about these? I love pork rinds. I really really do. They said that people eat pork rinds with salsa and cheese dip. That sounds kinda gross. But, pork rinds with the red powder on them? YUUUUMMMMMMMMMmm...

We also saw how Cheez-Its and cheese straws are made. Now, Mr. Nonny Nu wants some cheese straws (because we already have the Cheez-Its).


MonkeyPig said...

I hadn't e

MonkeyPig said...

Talk about pork grind. I hadn't eaten it for awhile. Just ate one last week --> left a bad taste in my mouth. Microwave pork grind --> um ho yuie ngor (don't reserve any for me).