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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Albuquerque 07' Balloon Fiesta Festival
by MonkeyPig (guest blogger)

It was a great trip!!
You all should come out at least once.

The dark photos are what's call dawn patrol. It was around 5 am. A few balloons will go up to scout out the wind condition. If the conditions are right, the rest of the balloons goes up.

Its a great site. I wish I could stay longer. There was 99 specialty balloons -- like specialty doughnuts. I got to see a few of them -- Smokey, some sort of grimlin, turtle, twin bees, chicken. There was humpty-dumpty, Darth Vader, and the Holloween house that tried to get up but due to when conditions, did not.

Nonny Nu -- Guai Po says hi to you.


Nonny Nu said...

Neat! I like the turtle best. What's with the bees? They don't seem anatomically correct--their stingers are coming out of their weewees instead of their butts.

Tell Guai Po that I said hello, too!

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...


MonkeyPig that had to be so spectacular! All those colors brightening up the sky. It looks beautiful.

MonkeyPig said...

Yah...Every morning, they have what's call the "mass ascension". There are tons of balloons that goes up in the sky. The entire field is dotted with all kinds of bright colors.
The dawn patrol was the coolest. That's where you see balls of fire being blown into the balloon. There were about 5-6 balloons that patrolled the sky.
To capture the fire and the glow of the balloons, I opened the aperture all the way and slowed down the shutter speed.
Unfortunately, one woman fell out of the gondola yesterday. Their balloon got caught in one of those powerline-guide wire (so they didn't get electricuted). In the process of rescuing the balloon, the balloon tipped over. One of the rider fell 70 feet to her death. The other 4 people in the balloon sufferred minor wounds.

MonkeyPig said...

They are bees from Albuquerque. So, the stinger points south. Does that satisfy you..professor Dingdong.

Nonny Nu said...

One of the rider fell 70 feet to her death.
You couldn't save her? What kind of doctor are you? Remind me never to get sick or hurt around you.

caloc said...

It was very specular glad you made it and thanks for the photos.