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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Want to become a hobo?

Okay, I have a personalized google homepage where I get my word of the day, picture of the day, gmail, and all sorts of other stuff. I also get "How To of the Day." These range from instructions on how to apply eye makeup to instructions on extracting oneself from a car that is on the edge of a cliff. Today's "How To," however, takes the cake--How to Become a Hobo. My favorite is the tip at the very end that distinguishes between a hobo and a tramp/bum: "Remember that, as a hobo, you enjoy traveling and are willing to work, unlike a bum or a tramp who also travels but will not work, and lives by begging for money or for food." (Link in original, interestingly.)

If anyone decides to become a hobo, please keep us in the loop. Note that there is a version of this "How To" that specifically instructs on how to become a hobo with a web-based income. Wow. I don't know. Apart from the "where will you shower," "what will you eat," and "how will you defend yourself" issues, this sound pretty nifty. Am I crazy?

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