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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Nickelette Van Orton!

(Bonus points to anyone who figures out where that name comes from.)

This little gray monster told us that she wanted a girlie name and when we started calling her "Nicky," she responded to it. So, Nicky it is!* She also goes by "Skillet, the space mouse." It's perfect. She has a little pot belly already:

skil·let (noun)
Pronunciation: \ˈski-lət\
Etymology: Middle English skelet, probably from Anglo-French *escuelete, diminutive of escuelle, eskil bowl — more at scullery
Date: 15th century

1: chiefly British a small kettle or pot usually having three or four often long feet and used for cooking on the hearth
2: frying pan

I know, I am jumping the gun a little since the poll is still live. Everyone gave such good suggestions and we tried them out on her. But, the only ones she really took to are Nicky and Skillet. She's a naughty one, though. Last night, as I was "cooking" my Magic Kitchen dinner, she jumped onto the stove! But, she and Kash have hit it off so well and have become such good friends. Right now, they are sleeping away...

* Weird thing is, I referred to her as "NNK," short for "NoNameKitty" on the blog from the beginning. NNK...pronounced "Nicky." It's fate!!


sweetsieweatsie said...

Cute name!!!!

Okay, all I can think of is Michael Douglas's character in The Game, Nicholas Van Orton.

Nonny Nu said...

Okay, all I can think of is Michael Douglas's character in The Game, Nicholas Van Orton.
Ding ding ding!!

sweetsieweatsie said...

No way!! That's awesome! It was such a shot in the dark, too.

I'm so happy to see you feeling better, I know it's still tough without Sush. It's sort of like losing a child when you lose a pet. Gone but not forgotten, you know??

At least the two new babies are adorable, and seem like a handful to keep you busy!