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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kitty Korner

These two kitties are building a wonderful relationship. NNK is no longer hissing at Kash, and they are sleeping, playing, and eating together. NNK's favorite places are window sills. It seems like Kash is getting some bad influence from NNK. There was a bag sitting outside my bathroom for a couple of days and Kash left it untouched. This morning, I found this.

On a more serious note, last week, Mr. Nonny Nu found fleas on Kash so we put Frontline on him. Mr. Nonny Nu also took off a bunch critters (baboon-style). That Frontline zapped those suckers right off his back. Then, this morning, I took Kashi boy to the vet for the first round of his shots. He had never been to the vet before. He was put in a red kitty burrito and cried the whole time he was given the shots and his blood was drawn. He also cried the whole way home in the cat carrier.

Since then, he has been feeling under the weather (just as the vet predicted). He should snap out of it in 18-24 hours, though. In the meantime, NoNameKitty is keeping him company and taking care of him.


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

That's a great picture!

Nonny Nu said...

Yeah, those two are always together now. Can't get them apart. btw, because of the extreme sunlight on that spot and because I can't use a flash with Kash (his eyes are too reflective and he always looks like he's a demonic with the flash), I had to play with the exposure a bit. I'm glad it turned out!

Caloc said...

Cute photos, I like the one both of them in the shopping bag.....
I think NNK is cold ( Remember silver pig said your house is winter all year long ) the window warm her up.