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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch."
By Cl. Panic, Drunken Guest Blogger

For a while I'd been complaining that I needed a drink. Well, not only did I mean that I needed a drink at that moment, but what I really needed was to establish my "default" adult beverage of choice when presented with the option to drink adult beverages.

Now this can be a tricky proposition, and is somewhat complicated for males. I mean, anything pink is out. So is anything red since it might look like pink, and you can't very well make it standard practice to order Bloody Marys at night. Anything sweet is probably out too--perhaps with the exception of a mojito. If you're visiting Florida. Or escaped from Cuba. Besides, if the mint isn't fresh you end up with something that's disgustingly skunky. And I dare mention White Zin (in a box)!

For a while I defaulted to the vodka tonic, and then to the vodka soda. Both are good options, but leave something to be desired. It's a bit boring really.

I toyed with the Tom Collins, but abandoned that after receiving one that was electric blue at a very disappointing restaurant.

And then in happened. I ended up falling in love (or maybe lust; only time can tell) with the drink of my profession. Perhaps this it was my destiny. We're taking about Scotch. Preferably one that's decent enough to have it served neat. I have a certain co-worker to thank for the introduction. The Balvenie had what the Goose was missing: sass. Kick. Sure there's alcohol, but there's more. Earthy overtones, a hint of peat, maybe some vanilla.

Nonny Nu: Given the week it seems like you're having, might I recommend two fingers of Balvenie Double Wood?

Does the NN readership have other suggestions? Remember, Guinness qualifies as its own food group, so it's out of play.


Augustus Pablo said...

Benromach, if you can track it down, is just about the smoothest, most fragrant Speyside malt I know. Ardbeg (an Islay malt that' swidely distributed) is great if you love peat and/or are drinking while eating dark chocolate.

Nonny Nu said...

Bite your tongue, Cl. Panic--I don't do booze. Well, more accurately, I can't do booze. Booze makes my face turn purple and gives me a rash on my back. And, I'm pretty sure that nausea I feel isn't the "buzz" everyone is enjoying. But, dude!! I can't believe that co-worker had such an influence on you! Just so everyone knows, this co-worker is a very petite and proper woman, and you'd never guess that she'd be pushing booze!

Nonny Nu said...

P.S. Lemme tell you what my drug of choice is: FOOD!! Yep, stuffed my face yesterday.

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

don't know much about scotch myself, but a good friend of mine enjoys The Macallan.

~ ~ ~