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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amber Alert: Snakeye

Folks, a child has been reported missing. He has blond hair and blue eyes, stands approximately 8'6", and weighs approximately 900 lbs. He was last seen this morning at 8am sleeping in his own bed surrounded by cats. He is a latch-key kid, and normally reports to school on his own in the mornings for die-rolling activities but has not shown up today at all. No one has heard from him. He responds to various names, including "Snakeye," "Bobby Peru," and "Mr. Man." If you see him, do not approach him as he is leery of strangers and may attack anyone who shows even a hint of aggression toward rabbits.

If you have any information on this missing child, please call (800) 867-5309.


Cl. Panic said...

Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Did you ever see Jenny's number during your "research"?

Mr. Nonny Nu said...


~ ~ ~

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

nope, no answer...

~ ~ ~

stillman said...

He had another gig to attend to.

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

He actually cries out or whimpers if he sees that there is not a spectator outside his enclosure ready to ooh and aah at him.

whew! for a minute there i thought we might actually share traits.

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

That's what you think. Every time I leave for work before Mr. Nonny Nu gets up, I get an email to the effect of: "non? what happened? i woke up and you were gone! you escaped again..."