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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Ear Buds

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have rather small ears even though I am a rabbit (see?). At least the hole part of my ears are small. Consequently, I have always had problems finding comfortable ear buds. Combine this with my previous stinginess toward investing more than $5 in ear buds, and the situation was rather bleak. I mean, these are the ear phones, not the CD player or the iPod, so it seemed so wasteful to get the expensive ones. And, yes, by "expensive," I am referring to the ones that cost more than $5. (Sorry, sometimes, I still apply 1980 refugee pricing standards.)

But, last weekend, I took the plunge and spent $20 on a pair of Philips ear buds. This purchase was spurred by the dual beheading of my old ear buds by either Skillet or Kash (or both). I don't know what it is, but these two kitties just love to chew on wires. Not a day goes by that we don't have to shoo them off of a wire or cable of some sort. I threw away the beheaded ear buds so I can't show you an actual picture of them, but here is a dramatic reenactment using an ear bud body double (mine were the exact same brand and model).

So, I brought my ear buds home and didn't really think of them for a couple days. Then, I plugged them into my laptop and ran a few videos. OMG, they were so awesome! Worth every single penny. The ear buds' size was the best thing about them. They were small and had rubbery and cushy cushions that felt so comfortable in my little ears. Plus, the noise reduction on them were pretty good (they were great at drowning out Mr. Nonny Nu's nightly falsetto lullabies that he sings to Bobby Peru).

Next, I took them jogging and they were awesome again. They were so comfortable, and since they are the type that have a short left cable and a long right cable so that it goes behind your neck, they weren't flopping around in front of me and getting caught on my arms.

Wow, so this is how the other half lives, huh? I never thought I'd ever spend $20 on ear buds. But, it was really money well spent. I love them! Next un-refugee-like purchase? A privacy filter for the laptop.* Yowza. I don't even recognize myself anymore...

*I hope that this item will filter the light away from Mr. Nonny Nu while I watch my DVDs in bed. We'll see.


Ghetto FOBulous said...

I'm telling your Mom about how you're burning money. Can you hook me up with a $5 pair of Sony earbuds?

Nonny Nu said...

She too busy to care. There are too many frozen left overs from last year in her freezer that she is trying to re-make into "new" dishes.