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Thursday, March 13, 2008

That Goodness for Small Favors

Just a quick note to you all. Last night, I pulled an all nighter again, and worked on a 162 page document. You know, back in high school, I never thought I'd think of a 200 page limit as a negative. Anyhow, just now, I look at the document and it's only 112 pages.

O M G.

I was almost the guy depicted--screwed. But, no. Lucky rabbit, right?


Cpl. Conniption said...

wait, what the hell are you squealing about now?

oh, i get it. you're thumping your hind leg for attention. yes, yes. nice rabbit. very good rabbit.

now get back to work!

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

Yes, I was thumping my hind leg for attention--WHAT OF IT?