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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Rabbit

Hello, people! Today is the first day of April, and it is time to turn the page of your calendars. Ha! Yes, say goodbye to the little rabbit! I know, you all thought you were sick and tired of seeing that crazy rabbit photo decapitated, blindfolded, and then in its full glory, but now that it's gone, you'll miss it! But, in its place are images of each month's goings on from last year. Enjoy!


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

cool collage

Anonymous said...

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Nonny Nu said...

Wow, you know, there's just no getting away from these telemarketers... I have no idea who this "barb michelen" is but I wish there is a way of reporting her to blogger. It's so lame the way they leave these messages as though we've met. Who is so weak minded to think, "Oh! I must have forgotten about this lady! It was so nice of her to drop in to leave this for me even though she had to go to the airport?" Seriously.

stillman said...

well, at least she knows how to link, maybe she gets a point for that.

Nonny Nu said...

That's funny! I'm really going to give her a point for it!

Nonny Nu said...

barb is now tied with Aussie Hunk.

stillman said...

you gave her the point! too funny.