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Monday, April 14, 2008

Water Consumption

Do you drink enough water? I am absolutely positive that I don't. I have tried several methods, including filling a large jug and trying to finish it by the end of the day. I never stuck with any method, and I might go days drinking only a few coffee cups of water. So, I have been trying to do a bit better.

My new method is getting a new cup each day (well, I've only done this two days now) and then jotting down on the cup how many cups I finish. These are just regular sized office coffee cups, so I figure I should at least be drinking 6 a day. So far, it hasn't happened yet.

Day 1
Day 2


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

While at the water cooler did Cl. Panic explain what a fluffer does? He put that on his "Things To Do" list. If he hasn't explained, please make a point to ask him while the other big wigs at Nu Nu & Nu, LLP are present.

sluggy said...

^^ That imagery made my day. Thanks MFU.

Cl. Panic said...

Which explains why she no longer visits the water cooler, and thus no "Day 3" post.

Nonny Nu said...

Day 3 was like Day 2 (i.e., fail).

sluggy said...

Any day where you drink more water than before is a success! It's just a matter of how much success!

ouch, being cheerful hurts sluggy's head.

cl. panic. said...

You need a bigger cup. Get yourself a NorCal tree-hugging Nalgene, fill-er up and you've had 36 ounces each time you drain it. Two of those a day and you'll be golden.

* Bonus points to the first person to point out the innuendo.

sluggy said...

Nalgene bottles have bisphenol-a, a toxic chemical Canada is set to ban.

go glass or aluminum or stainless steel!

(the innuendo is an allusion to panic's obsession with golden showers)

MonkeyPig said...

I always drink tap water. We don't have water cooler in the Army. Though we have water buffalos...the water in these things tastes like that yellow slug..yuk.
I don't trust water cooler / water fountain. We did a project in college to see how clean water fountains are compared with tap water. You don't want to know what's in those filter that nobody bother to change.

Nonny Nu said...

(the innuendo is an allusion to panic's obsession with golden showers)
Maybe that was better left unanswered...

I always drink tap water.
This is true. One statement that MonkeyPig made in Boston was, "Yum. I like the taste of Massachusetts tap water."

MonkeyPig said...

Yah, Dunkintown has one of the best water I've ever tasted in all of US. Desert states has horrible tasting water.