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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hiking APB... by sluggy (intrepid guest blogger)

Nonny Nu has declared herself unavailable for the next two weekends... are any local Friends of Nonny Nu interested in hiking either weekend? I offer bacon, and expert banana slug tracking skills, and promise to wince, point and holler "watch the crap" upon sighting horse poop. We shall lament the absence of Nonny Nu, declare it not nearly as much fun without her, and never speak of the hike again. But you will grin with the knowledge you lived "a day in the life of Nonny Nu."


Nonny Nu said...

If I were you guys, I wouldn't trust her offer of bacon. Just thought I'd share (pun intended).

sluggy said...

you were offered an entire half of a meatloaf sammich, and turned your nose up. You also enjoyed a certain string cheese last time.

Nonny Nu said...

Bear witness, oh, citizenry--The Slug admits that no bacon was offered! Case closed.

*donk donk* (a la Law & Order)

sluggy said...

The Slug admits that no bacon was offered!

cross examination...

Isn't it also true that the slug had no bacon to share that day and, in fact, the only bacon ever brought on a hike was the two strips in the paltry Blue Rock Shoot "sandwich" that predated Nonny Nu's declaration that she expects sharing of bacon?

Nonny Nu said...

*views exhibit A (regarding July 4, 2007, hike where bacon sammich was withheld*

*views exhibit B (June 9, 2007, notice that bacon was expected)*

The documents speak for themselves, counselor.

Nonny Nu said...

P.S. *donk donk*

sluggy said...

Okay, you're right on the timing.

Nonny Nu said...

Come on, say it with me, sluggy...*donk donk*

sluggy said...

...*donk donk*

[the sound of NN repeatedly hitting sluggy over the head over the bacon thing]

Nonny Nu said...

Now, don't you feel better? I know I do...

Spiderpig said...

A piece of my ass
Preserved, boxed, in gift basket.
This is sharing, no?

spiderpig said...

P.S. *oink oink*

Anonymous said...

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