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Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ghetto FOBulous!!

We are having an eventful week. In fact, we are having an eventful month. Who would have thought that the shortest month of the Year with have the highest concentration of holidays? Today, we are celebrating Ghetto FOBulous' 40th birthday. Geez, that is so old!! I have to offer him a "sow toh" (longevity peach) birthday cake for this one:
As a child, Ghetto FOBulous was known for his snazzy fashion sense and incredible dedication to exercise. His foray into the porn industry was short-lived, however, so he decided to hit the books and financed his legal education by moonlighting as a drug runner. Even now, Ghetto FOBulous relaxes after a hard day at the office with a puff or two.


Mr. Nonny Nu said...

you hit the magic number. way to go.

~ ~ ~

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Ghetto FOB,
You sure have lived a colorful life up until now, as illustrated by Nonny Nu's retrospective pictorial. To what do you owe the secret of your longevity?

Have a Happy Birthday!

Ghetto FOBulous said...

Thank you very much, NN. As for u.n.c.l.e.'s question regarding my longevity, I have been preserved by the artificial sweeteners in my blood, which have been activated by radiation from the monitors at Nu, Nu, & Nu. Also, the lead from bo jai yuen and complete lack of sleep don't hurt.

Nonny Nu said...

Also, the lead from bo jai yuen and complete lack of sleep don't hurt.
OMG!! Bo jai yuen??? Dude, what a blast from the past! I didn't think Mrs. FOBulous would allow that in your home!! But, yes, those Chinese meds are kinda freaky aren't they? Freaky but they work (but maybe only on Chinese bodies, so gweilos should beware!).

Okay, so bo jai yuen has lead in it. One time, when Mr. Nonny Nu was visiting my mom's house, he had a headache and my mom prescribed two tablets of "nguhn kiew" (translation: silver bridge). I dutifully went to the big medicine cabinet in the guest/mom&dad bathroom (it's HUGE--the size of a linen closet and not just your average medicine cabinet) to retrieve the bottle. Mr. Nonny Nu gets suspicious and looks at the ingredients. He ended up not taking the tablets because cyanide was listed amongst the ingredients! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!

Okay, so the moral of the story is bo jai yuen has lead and ngun kiew has cyanide. I have never died taking any of these two formulas (obviously, GF is nice and healthy), so maybe they're for Chinese bodies only.

MonkeyPig said...

Happy Big-One Mr. G-F. So I hit the "big-one" too this year --40. Is your "big-one" 40 or the other
"big-one". Did you get to eat the "gai bei" (drum stick) as you are the "sow-sing-gong" (longevity dud).
Good old bo-jai-yuen. The lead in it saved many Chinese lives as it sinks in the gastro-intestinal drive and attrack all the stuff to it with its electro-magnetic field generated by the lead-iron molecule. As for "nguhn kiew", medical studies had shown that cyanide is toxic to germs and kuddies. So there are scientific basis surroung Chinese medicine after all.

Nonny Nu said...

Dudes! Look at the bo jai yuen! Okay, so the official name is "Po Chai Pills," but we cool cats (Cantonese people) refer to it by its street name. My mom used to give me this for any type of stomach troubles.

Ghetto FOBulous said...

Happy 40th to you too, MP. I celebrated at a Chinese buffet, so everyone got a drumstick or two. As for the scientific basis for traditional rememdies, isn't all (or most) of medicine at least partly empirical?