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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shamelisted: Lazy Employees

Hello, world. So, I just got back from the DMV. Well, not really. To be accurate, I just got back form the DMV's parking lot. You see, it's Abraham Lincoln's birthday today, so the DMV is taking off so that their employees can celebrate. Now, I love Lincoln like he was my own president, so I'm feeling a bit of mixed feelings right now, but is it just me? Or, is laziness pervading the workplaces of America? No doubt, they will also get President's Day off as well as Washington's Birthday off. I think that's unfair. They get three days off for only two presidents' birthdays. What's up with that, huh?

As I was driving into work today, I was reflecting upon my observations at [an extended meeting] last year. Near the end of the day (I'm talking about 4:45pm), [an employee of a meeting participant] would just get up and leave. IN THE MIDDLE OF [A MEETING SESSION]. Yeah, you read that right. [Everyone else, including the most important participant that everyone was trying to convince] would stay, but the [employee] would just literally shut down her computer, get up, walk out of her little "station" in front of the [main dude], and stroll from the front of the [room], past the [participant] tables, open the little swinging half door, go through, pass through the [observers' seating area], pull open the two large wooden doors, and take off. Just like that. Everyday at 4:45pm, we'd see this happen. Now, if I were to just get up during a meeting at 4:45pm and leave, I'd be out of a job.

But, it gets worse. I was hung up on the lazy government employee (even though it's really just laziness in general, not specifically associated with government work), so I was looking for some funny photo of a government employee today to do this blog entry, and so I image googled "government employee." I found something far worse than a degrading depiction of these so-called public "servants".* Now, I don't know what kind of data the following graphs are derived from, but in my fit of government employee rage, I am going to believe anything that paints a lazy, over-compensated picture of the government employee (i.e., for all of my intents and purposes at this moment, these graphs are COMPLETELY ACCURATE). Just take a look...

There are A LOT of government employees and they are multiplying like rabbits:

They get paid more than your average Joe (both in Canada and in the US):

Their salaries increase more rapidly than our salaries do (in the private sector):

Now, I guess I was targeting the government employees in this post because of my DMV experience.** But, it's really not just them (though it really does look like they have it better than the civilian worker). It's just laziness in general.

* Ha! "Servants" my ass... You have to be present to serve.

[edit] I'm shamelisting this.

[edit] Edited to remove offensive/identifying stuff.

** Oh, this reminds me. I tried not to generalize the government employee, but I am very willing to generalize the DMV employee. These are, by far, the laziest people I've met. The last time I went to the DMV (not this morning's ride through their parking lot, but the last time I actually went there and was provided "service"), I watched this chick sit at her desk for 8 minutes doing nothing. I'm talking nothing. She wasn't surfing the net. She wasn't reading a book. She wasn't tidying her desk. She wasn't filing her nails. She was doing nothing except breathing and allowing other involuntary bodily functions to proceed as they tend to do when a live person is doing absolutely nothing. Now, as usual, there were lines and lines of people waiting to be served by these public servants. But, I guess she wanted her full lunch break. I watched her watch the clock. At exactly 1:30, she calls the next number and then starts to work. I guess she didn't want to be cheated out of her 8 minutes of lunch time.


cl. Panic said...

At the risk of sounding like an elitist (thank you) I highly recommend transacting your DMV business at the Auto Club. No swarthy employees and the customers are also pre-screened.

Nonny Nu said...

Cl. Panic, I took your advice and went there today. Got my tags! Thanks.

stillman said...

You're one angry broad. :)

You can also make an appt at the DMV... except when I did that the inept desk worker couldn't figure out how to tell the computer I was there so I ended up waiting longer than if I walked in and took a number. :(

Nonny Nu said...

I know, Stillman! I was pretty shook up yesterday...

The one in Los Gatos is pretty fast. There usually isn't a line if you get there around 8am when it opens, if it opens. (I'm no longer angry, but still resentful.)

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Hey, I need to move to Canada. According to your chart, Non-profit employees there make nearly as much as the government employees.

Anonymous said...

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Alita Duplanty said...

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