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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bulbs (updated 02/05)

Seeing as how my roses died (it was inevitable, really), I figured that I should get some flowering plants for the office. Just so happened that Trader Joe's was selling little bulb kits, so I got a Hyacinth and a Paperwhite. They are supposed to look like this...

Hyacinth Model:

Paperwhite Model:

Here's the progress so far.

Jan. 14: Planted the bulbs by soaking a soil patty in water until it reconstituted. Then fluffed up soil and planted bulbs into it. Here's the Hyacinth.

Feb. 1: Paperwhite is making a lot of progress, but Hyacinth is barely growing at all.

Feb. 5: Yep, Hyacinth is stunted. Advice from someone in the office is to give Hyacinth more sun. But, look at Paperwhite bloom! Shes a garden in the middle of the concrete jungle. Awww...

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