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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"No, it di'int!!" --Bob Meighan

Good grief. So, as you all can see, Cl. Panic's shamelisting of TurboTax has brought the illustrious (and prolific) Bob Meighan to our humble little blog. When I first saw his comment, I was honestly flattered. I mean, the VP of TurboTax here?? ["no way" --Freelance Midget (via Gmail Chat)]

Upon further research, however, it became quite evident that TWoNN means nothing whatsoever to Mr. Meighan. Mr. Meighan seems to be everywhere these tax days. ["he's all over google" --Lucy's Mom (via Gmail Chat)] It's hard to find a review of TurboTax that goes uncorrected by him. For example, on Amazon, he has three comments.* So, I guess we at TWoNN aren't all that special after all.

The photo at right shows Marvin the Martian's dramatic portrayal of Bob Meighan.

* Notice that, in the third review, Mr. Meighan rated the TurboTax product at 3 stars, which is above the midpoint, even though he characterizes this as "the midpoint." I guess, like 50 cents on TurboTax, the half-star gets rounded up on Amazon. I don't know though. That's a possible shenanigans.


Steve Portigal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nonny Nu said...

Boy, *someone* didn't get any tonight...

What the hell is going on with the influx of crabby assholes this week?? That's it. I'm anointing the second week of February "National Crab Week." It's going on the TWoNN Calendar next year. Watch for it!

Nonny Nu said...

btw, Steve Portigal said, "Have some manners and don't hotlink to my images."

*roll eyes*

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

"btw, Steve Portigal said, 'Have some manners and don't hotlink to my images.'

*roll eyes*"

See. That's why I don't include all these pretty little pictures in my contributions. It's not lack of effort - it's "manners", and I don't get people like Steve and The Teacher pissed at me.

And NN, your comment sounds like you have a case of the crabs, too.

Nonny Nu said...

And NN, your comment sounds like you have a case of the crabs, too.
That may be true, but that just supports my decision to make the second week of February "National Crab Week" starting next year. I encourage everyone to get their crabbiness out during that week. It actually feels pretty good!

P.S. I'm going to continue to hotlink. That and shamelisting is the only way we get any outside action around here. You missed it, Man from U.N.C.L.E., but this was an exciting week!!