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Saturday, February 9, 2008

by MonkeyPig (guest blogger)

Hey guys. I've been to a few interesting hikes these past few weeks. Its amazing when one is about to leave a place, all of a sudden, there are all sorts of things to do.

Here are some picture from Black Mountain. As the name imply, its an old vocanic crater in New Mexico. OK..Its no Kiloweia (sp..I'm sure I miss spell.), but for NM, its not too bad. Just use your imagination.

Here are some of the mineral deposit from the volcanic eruption moons ago. It actually prettier in person or if the picture is taken by a better photographer. I picked up a geo rock from the volcano. There are all sorts of fox, snake, and little critter holes.
We saw some jack rabbits out there. It was a great hike. I wore my old Army boots. Bad decision...blistered my heels. But, it was worth the hike.


Nonny Nu said...

I picked up a geo rock from the volcano.
What is a "geo rock?" Aren't all rocks geological?

P.S. I hope these huge photos are on your account, MonkeyPig. I already used up 25% of my memory allocation on blogspot.

MonkeyPig said...

You can't compromise with art. My photos aren't those little photos that you post. These are relatively professional...creme of the crop.
Why don't you just archive the old stuff.

Nonny Nu said...

Yeah, I should archive it. But, you know, we've had a lot of blog entries since the birth of TWoNN (over 200), so you can just imagine how many photos we have.