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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars: Best Song

I watched the entire Oscars broadcast today and Mr. Nonny Nu was gracious enough to watch with me. For the most part, I can't really agree or disagree with the Academy's choice of winners this year because I haven't seen most of the performances for myself. However, there is one category upon which everyone who saw the broadcast can opine--Best Song. As you probably know, every year, the Best Song nominees perform their nominated songs during the Oscars show. So, if you watched all of the performances of the nominated songs, then you can fairly form an opinion as to whether the winner is indeed the best out of all of the songs. This year's winner is the song "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once:

Nice song. I think it wasn't bad, and I don't disagree with the Academy's choice this year. However, nominees for Best Songs are usually weak and from "feel good" movies (Disney's movie, Enchanted, had three candidates in the running this year). For me, the Best Song category is one of the most boring (right up there with Science awards--sorry, scientists!) but only because the nominees are so, well, bland. The only song that I truly felt deserved to be recognized as the Best Song winner was from 2003 (Eminem's "Lose Yourself" from 8 Mile):


Cl. Panic said...

The only decent part of the awards was that Jon Stewart hosted them and poked fun at all of the hullabaloo.

C'mon, multi-millionaires taking time out of their busy schedules to recognize themselves? No. Thanks.

Props to Mr. NN for sitting through it! I watched CSPAN in protest.

Nonny Nu said...

Jon Stewart wasn't bad this time, but he was no Ellen DeGeneres. That gal really has funny bones. But, boy were there a lot of montages!! Kinda neat, though. The one where they counted down all of the Best Pictures from before really got me inspired to see all of those movies.

Mr. Nonny Nu said...

"Props to Mr. NN for sitting through it"

it wasn't so bad, i guess. i've been trained from way back, having a sister waking me up in the middle of the night to watch princess diana marry sir chuck. i'm not the brightest star in the sky, but one thing i can say without reservation is never (and i mean never) stand in the way of a woman who's trying to get a peek at another woman's new dress. -also i like to look at all the boobs.

Nonny Nu said...

never (and i mean never) stand in the way of a woman who's trying to get a peek at another woman's new dress.
This is true.

-also i like to look at all the boobs.
This is also true.

stillman said...

Didn't Ordinary People win an Oscar? I think I got the idea to watch it from one of those lists of previous winners... beware!

Nonny Nu said...

You are right, Stillman. OP did win an Oscar. I just don't know who to trust anymore!

MonkeyPig said...

I was knee deep (OK I exaggerated it, just only ankle deep -- wan't that bab) in blood and missed the Oscar. But from what the local morning new was saying I din't miss anything.
I only wish Will Smith would've won for I Am Legend. That was such a good movie and his acting was great. I broke down on the part when Sam dies.

MonkeyPig said...

You guys are so lucky, my work blocked everything from the web. I can only get on to do fun stuff that this in the wee hours of the day. Oops its getting late. I have to go. But not before putting a bottle of bo-jai-yuen in my morning coffee.

Nonny Nu said...

I broke down on the part when Sam dies.
Probably because Sam didn't get a chance to finish his dinner...

You guys are so lucky, my work blocked everything from the web.
This is true. She can't even access her non-military personal email from work. Seriously, you guys are delivering babies and not bombs, so why all the secrecy? Is it because you feed your patients bo jai yuen?

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