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Saturday, February 2, 2008

I feel like crap, but I hope the Giants win!

Went hiking today with Stillman. I thought that the canopy of the trees would keep the rain off, and I really didn't feel that much rain on me. Stillman, being the mother hen that she is, kept telling me that I was going to get soaked. I thought my sunny disposition would prevent all that. Again, I was wrong. I felt fine throughout the hike and when I got home. Then, I went grocery shopping, and I think I might have gotten further soaked at that time. When I got home, I had a headache. I couldn't even eat my Chicken McNuggets. Now, that should tell you how sick I was. So, I called it a night pretty early, and right before I showered, I barfed. Yeah, it's been a long time (I'd say over a year) since I barfed. I'm generally a healthy rabbit. Never even had the flu.

Anyhow, it's kinda fun being sick. Plus, SuperBowl will be on tomorrow!! I don't really know these two teams. I really only started watching football during the finals. But, Tom Brady? NO THANKS. (No, I'm not a Bridget Moynahan fan.) And, that 18-0 record? It must be vandalized...

Go Giants!!


stillman said...

OH NO!!!! You were just bragging on the hike about how you'd never had the flu! Take airborne - lemon/lime flavor. Feel better. :(

Nonny Nu said...

You were just bragging on the hike about how you'd never had the flu!
I know! I'm feeling a lot better today. SuperBowl was AWESOME!!! I watched the whole thing.


stillman said...

then it wasn't the flu. sounds like a touch of food poisoning, actually. Buck's?!

Nonny Nu said...

Could be Buck's, but I'm guessing Subway. Buck's was at 9:30 and I didn't start feeling crappy until about 6pm. At 3pm I had a sammich from Subway. I think that might have done it. Stomach is still trembling today, but feeling a lot better. Being sick and watching the SuperBowl was totally fun, though!!