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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Has technology gone too far?

Look, I'm not anti-technology. I'm really not. I love video games and movies as much as the next person. But, has technology gone too far? I mean, a person can't seem to find any location where they can't be "reached." It all started off with cellphones. You could be reached on the phone wherever you went. Now, we have phones that send photos, and phones that can surf the web, check email, and even edit documents.

I just think we are going too far. Sometimes, I just feel like being alone. (As you all know, I am a big fan of the one-person feast.) When I got out of college and got my first real job, my company offered to pay for my cellphone if I would be on call for them 24/7. I declined. It's just not worth it. And, if you look at my cellphone,* it's ridiculously old fashioned. Everyone says so, but I don't care. I just don't want a new cellphone that does all sorts of crazy stuff. I just want my cellphone to receive phone calls. That's it. Is that really asking so much? Am I backward for this??

Anyhow, bonus points to the person who can guess what is depicted here.

* That's an old text message from Freelance Midget to notify me that she had landed. I was supposed to go pick her up, but I totally forgot and was at Trader Joe's when I received the message!


MonkeyPig said...

I totally agree.
For most people, those 500$ cellphones that can send messages to the Martians are an over kill. In my profession, I need a cell phone 24 / 7. Its better than a pager. I can communicate directly with the person calling me. Also, to screen my calls -- favorite of Nonny Nu.
Also, the cell phone, when fully charge can be a life-saver when one is hiking / riding.

Nonny Nu said...

Also, to screen my calls -- favorite of Nonny Nu.
Finally, you admit that you screen your calls, too. You know, at least I don't call you in the middle of the work day and ask, "Hey, what are you doing?" (For those of you who don't know, I often receive a call around 4pm or 5pm on the weekdays from MonkeyPig asking what I'm doing at that time.)

Also, the cell phone, when fully charge can be a life-saver when one is hiking / riding.
But, everytime you go hiking/riding and there is a conference call with The Sisters, you are always "losing reception." I get the feeling that that is your excuse to get off the line.

MonkeyPig said...

Hey..Last time I checked, you were #6. Remember your rank...Tiny Nu. Well, since some people don't get to the office until 9 am --> of course they'll still be working at 4 or 5 pm.
I do not screen call.. I missed calls when I am doing important stuff.
Shot me if Sprint has bad receptions. Hey I got good reception today @ Dog Canyon, how come nobody called.

Nonny Nu said...

Dog Canyon is for dogs.